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THE RAINBIRD F4 created by @growgyver aka #dosriosdylan // Mid-Late August Finisher! Regular Seeds ONLY - NO FEMS.  This is strictly an early finishing production crop that is intended for farmers to sift their own early keeper-pheno and use that partiular clone to do large-scale early-finishing production row-cropping for cannabis.  The B9 used to breed the RAIN BIRD is originally a pure Afghan land-race varietal brought to Northern California in the early-mid 70's where it was aclimated and adapted to the austere conditions of Northern California.  


It's name the RAINBIRD was given by Dylan because this plant always come in before the Rain that always hits Northern California growers in mid-late september.  Structure is a medium sized plant so be sure to NOT expect large towering plants.  This is a stout varietal that finished fast and packs on the frost.  THE 🐦IS THE WORD!!! 




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