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🌿 Strain Overview: Larry OG BX4 is special release deeply rooted in the history of Aficionado. Its story begins in 2010 when the original Larry clone was sourced from HRPC Arcata.  In 2012 when OG Mike, an experienced breeder and mentor, paired it with an male of seed stock called (SFV) 818 OG. The goal of the Larry BX project was mainly to preserve the distinctive characteristics of the Larry OG in seed form. The Larry OG was known for its remarkable large bud structure, a rarity among OG cultivars. Their mission was to maintain this unique trait while also preserving the potent and classic OG aroma that enthusiasts cherish, as well as a strong outdoor and greenhouse producer while maintaining key classic OG growth characterisitics.

🍃 Flavor and Aroma: Larry OG BX4 offers a distinct flavor profile with earthy, citrus, and pine notes. The strains' unique characteristics reflect the skill and dedication passed from one generation of growers to the next, all while retaining that classic OG aroma that Larry OG is renowned for.





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