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Hollywood Ghost is a remarkable blend of two iconic strains: Hollywood Pure Kush, a legendary old-school kush, and Ghost OG BX1, the original male behind the award-winning 13th Ghost strain. This fusion creates a strain that pays homage to its heritage while offering top-tier quality for commercial and hobbyist growers looking for a strong GAS presence.


🌱 Lineage: Hollywood Pure Kush, one of the earliest known OG strains, is a coveted treasure among connoisseurs and breeders and has become exceedingly rare in recent years.  Hollywood PK was always known for tighter more PUNGENT OG nugs, which is much different from the the "Earthy" cut of PK which was known for large earthy buds for "Gas" cut of Hollywood PK was known for having a slightly smaller bud structure but with a nose that was pure gas.  The Ghost OG BX1 was paired with the goal of increasing the yields but maintaining a classic and strong GAS presence on the nose.

Expect a flavor profile that's deeply rooted in the kush tradition, delivering earthy and aromatic notes held up by a strong core of gasoline and jet fuel. Grows like a classic OG, topping is HIGHLY recommended for proper canopy control and yield maximization.




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