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(Bacio Gelato #41 x GOTTI) Gotti = Biscotti x Gelly

ntroducing "Gaccio", a meticulously cultivated strain born from the lineage of Bacio Gelato #41 x GOTTI. With GOTTI being an in-house cross between Biscotti and Gelly, and the Gelly male originally sourced from Solfire, this strain carries an impeccable genetic heritage. The defining character of Gaccio lies in its profound terpene profile: a deep Gelato essence is unmistakably present, further enriched by a vivid layer of gas. This gaseous note is a testament to the Biscotti dominance in GOTTI. Moreover, the OG essence from its Biscotti parentage ensures a prominent, heavy Biscotti-dominant terpene profile, making Gaccio a true connoisseur's delight.


(Breeder Note: This is to not be confused with the super limited release of GACCIO from the Leo Stone Collection which used a Gotti male on the same clone of Bacio but was a male that was super dominent in Gelato and Gelly terps versus the strong Biscotti dominant male used for the official release of Gaccio


One of my all time favorite strains for nose and taste is Biscotti and one of my favorite structures is the Bacio 41 so it was a personal passion of mine to see what I can do in seed form to get the epic structure of Bacio but with the nose of Biscotti which is a bit stronger on the gas nose-wise.)




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