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(Cherry Lime #4 x Chemdawg Special Reserve) x (Zkittlez x Long-Valley Reserve

An early flowering, large-framed exotic known for her piercing exotic perfume bouquet of watermelon hard candy and cherry marmalade are married into a vivid core of tropical flower & perfume essence. The clone-only was an overnight cult favorite with producers in NorCal and her terps are found among some of the most exlusive bags in the underground bay area scene. 


NOTE! This bud is easy to grow but takes an intermediate-advanced level of dry and curing technique. MAKE SURE TO COLD CURE YOUR CHERRY NOIR BUDS.  Cherry crosses (anything that has descended from old school Cherry Pie) historically have a much darker resin profile, especialy after the curing process and they tend to decarboxilate much fast during the dry and cure process.  When excess heat is applied to your dry&cure cycle this forces many Cherry Pie dominant strains to have a darker expression. This is mainly due to the type of volatile terpenes in Cherry crosses and the your immediate head levels which effects the offgassing much differently than what is found and commonly observed in other varietals.  This strain has been very popular in the Bay Area as cold-cure techniques are common and colder finish temperatures are introduced to express a higher brix content and terpene profile.  


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  • For DOMESTIC ORDERS: Items usually ship within 2-3 days and dispatched via 2-Day Priority Mail 

    For International Orders: Please allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery. 


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