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(GTR #17 x 07' Sour Diesel IBL) Two years ago we popped the very last of the Sour IBL seeds we had saved and selected the very best male that most resembles the frost profile and the nose of the GTR.  BEWARE!!! This is a LEGIT 12 WEEK STRAIN! If you are used to 8-9 weekers then this strain will behave alot differently and it will grow alot bigger than what you are used to.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND flowering her earlier and she's going to stretch 2x during his flowering period.  Just when you thinks she's done stretching...she's not---and the frost just packs on.  This is NOT a typical sour cross as this baby goes the full 12-13 week distance.  For most growers in Humboldt we've pulled successful crops at 11 and 12 weeks with 13 weekers only done by those who really want to go the full distance and see how far they can push her.  

Every box of seeds comes with x10 seeds and x10 plant tags! Plant tags are screen printed so the ink will last throughout the season and endure waterings as stakes are placed inside of pots.  Happy hunting!!


Created by Leo Stone 


$306.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price


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